Wednesday, February 2, 2011


In the interest of recording the little tidbits of information told to me over the years about the Anderson / McKenney side of the family:
  • Mary [McKenney] Anderson was a seamstress; she took in sewing from Philadelphia while she lived in New York City.
  • William Anderson, father of my grandmother Gwen & great-aunt Elizabeth, is said to have carried Gwen around on a pillow because she was so small when she was born.  [She was a tiny woman as an adult, as well - wore a shoe size so small she had to special-order them from Gimbels department store, where she worked after being widowed.]
  • Lillian Anderson, sister of Gwen and Elizabeth, died from pneumonia at age 27 in New York City; she was engaged to be married.
  • Margaret [Anderson] Butcher, daughter of Margaret & Frank Anderson, granddaughter of William & Mary [McKenney] Anderson, is said to perhaps have whatever "family papers" remain of her grandparents; her brother Frank, I believe, at one time asked his sister about them with no response. I hope no family history is being discarded!