Monday, December 6, 2010

A Mullin Photo

This photo was taken in New York; evidently the Mullens came to visit their Anderson cousins.

From left to right: Frank Anderson [brother of my grandmother Gwen]; their uncle, Patrick Mullin, husband of Anna "Annie"  McKenney; their brother-in-law Marty Regan [husband of Frank and Gwen's sister Elizabeth Anderson]; and cousin Leo Mullin, son of Patrick and Annie.  Whatever became of Leo Mullin?  For that matter, what became of all his siblings?  I only know of 6 by name; according to the federal census 11 children were born but only 6 lived.  [Aunt Elizabeth's version of the family history just states the Mullins had 6 children.]   The eldest Mullin daughter ["Marie?] is said to have married and moved to Canada.  Unfortunately I never knew her husband's name...

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