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That information came from Elizabeth [Anderson] Regan, daughter of Mary [McKenney] & William Anderson, niece of Anna [McKenney] & Patrick Mullin.  This was supposedly the Mullins' eldest daughter.

Looking at the federal censuses, the oldest Mullin daughter was "Marie".  She was only enumerated at home with her parents in the 1900 census, born about 1888. 

Her mother Anna Mullin's Will [probate dated Jan 1934] contained the following:

   "...I give and bequeath unto my... daughter CATHERINE MARIE HOLDEN...$150..."

On I found Border Crossings from Canada to the U.S. for Katherine Marie Holden and her husband Arthur Roy Holden, arrival date 11 Sep 1925, arrival port Niagara Falls, NY.

Also on 12 Sept 1925 she was listed at the Vermont, St. Albans Canadian Border Crossings.  This record included the following details:

     Born Baltimore MD. Ever in US - Yes, from 1893-1920 Baltimore MD.
     Going to join father Patrick Mullin.  Time remaining in US: Permanent. 
     Intend to become citizen:  Yes.

Also on was:
  • The record of death for Katharine and Roy Holden's daughter Dorothy Ann Holden, born 8 Oct 1925 in the U.S., died 05 June 1930 in Canada, age 4.
  • The record of death for Arthur Roy Holden, 1957, in Canada, buried in Canada. 
  • The WW I draft registration card for Arthur Roy Holden, born Canada, registered in Baltimore City June 1917, not a citizen, married with 1 child.
  • and, the Pension Index for Roy Holden dated 24 July 1922, in the U.S., for his service in the Infantry. 1900 Catherine/Katherine Marie Mullin was single.
  • Her immigration record stated she'd resided the US from 1893 to 1920...yet she was born 1888 - perhaps she was understating her age?  And this infers she moved to Canada about 1920.
  • In 1917 Catherine and Roy Holden were already married and had a child; he registered for the draft in Baltimore.
  • In Sept 1925 she and her husband returned to the U.S. from Canada, stating they intended to become permanent residents.  However ...
  • In Oct 1925 their 4-yr old daughter died in Canada.  Did the child remain behind when her parents moved?
  • In 1957 Roy Holden died and was buried in Canada.  Tidbits of info indicate that Catherine also died and was buried in Canada.  So they did not become permanent U.S. residents?
  • In 1929 Catherine's father Patrick Mullin died in Baltimore, MD.  Her mother Anna died 1933.  Did the Holdens perhaps return to Canada after the deaths of  Catherine's parents?
I cannot locate the Holdens in the 1900-1920 federal censuses in MD.  Cannot locate their marriage record or the births of any children.  So where are the 13 children?

It was nice, however, to verify that the eldest daughter did marry, did move to Canada, and had children... even if only one has been found so far!

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