Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Some time ago I contacted St. Raymonds Cemetery in the Bronx, NY, as Aunt Elizabeth [actually my great-aunt Elizabeth] told me her parents were buried there.

The info I rec'd from St. Raymond's was that William Anderson age 86 had been buried 1951, had purchased 2 graves although 1 was empty, and his grave was also occupied by a couple with the surname of Parcelli. Mrs. Parcelli, I speculated, might be William's married sister, as the d.o.b. was very close as was the first name. But - I'd never heard of the Parcelli's before. And where was Mary McKenney Anderson, William's wife, buried?

Last month [August 2009] I again contacted St. Raymonds, this time by email, and the mystery was solved. Turns out there are two Wm. Andersons buried at St. Raymond's with the same approximate ages and burial dates. And, the plot coordinates were almost exactly the same ! My great-grandparents William Anderson, Mary ("Minnie") McKenney Anderson, and their daughters Mary ("Marie") and Lillie are all buried together in the same plot.

I was so happy to get this straightened out, since I wasn't getting anywhere trying to connect the Parcelli's to our family through other avenues of research!

Stay tuned:
...cemetery listing
......family obits found on genealogybank.com
.........and anything else that has come to light recently!

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