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I believe I have found the Gartner [Gaertner] family in Germany, thanks to My search returned only 2 Theresa Gaertners born in the same time frame - both found in Batch #C949951, Film #0890644: Katholisch, Kirchhausen, Neckarkreis, Wuettemberg, Parish Register of Baptisms, Marriages, Deaths and Family Registers for Kirchhausen, Wurtembeerg, Germany, including Hipfelhof, 1693-1815. The Theresa I believe is correct has a later date of birth than I thought based on census records, but matches her death certificate. The earlier Theresa's parents were Sebastian and Elisabeth; their children's names were Barbara, Margaretha Theresa, Elisabeth, Maria Anna, and Ignatius. These are not as good a match for the names of Theresa and John Spence's children.

The family I believe contains our Theresa
[Gaertner] Spence is as follows:

Georgii Joseph Gaertner, christened Oct 1773.
Married 21 October 1800
Maria Eva Muth, christened 10 Oct 1772.

  1. Maria Josepha born & christened 25 Jul 1801
  2. Theresia b/chr 10 Oct 1802, prob married 1823 in Baltimore, John Spence
  3. Joannes b/chr 24 Feb 1804
  4. Wallburga b/chr 24 Apr 1805
  5. Joannes Jorg b/chr 9 Jan 1807
  6. Frantz Joseph b/chr 3 Dec 1808
  7. Aemilianus chr. 6 Oct 1811

Per her death certificate, Theresa had lived in Baltimore 63 years when she died in 1875, or since 1812. Thus she was 10 years of age when she arrived in Baltimore, making it likely she emigrated with her family. [Currently have a friend checking Ancestry for immigration records.]

Her father's family:

Jorg [Georgii] Gartner, married 03 Jun 1763, Clarae Schraudolff

  1. Maria Eva, b/chr 29 Feb 1764, died young
  2. Georgius Valentinus, chr 14 Feb 1765 [maybe d. young?]
  3. Joannes Georgus, b. 15 Dec 1765, chr 16 Dec 1765, d. 1812
  4. Eva Walburgis b/chr 01 May 1771
  5. Jorg Joseph chr Oct 1773 married Maria Eva Muth
  6. Jacob b/chr 23 May 1776
  7. Mathaeus b/chr 31 Dec 1781
The only slightly strange thing is the 2 children born 1765 - but they were born 10 months apart, so it is obviously possible. With both child #2 and #5 containing the name Georgius, perhaps the older child died young.

Could not locate any info on mother Clara's family.

Theresa's mother's family:

Joannes Muth married Johannae Heckler.

  1. Helen Thecla chr 24 Sept 1771
  2. Maria Eva chr 10 Oct 1772 m. Georgii Joseph Gaertner
  3. Anna Catharina chr 27 Sept 1774
  4. Laurentius chr 03 Feb 1776
  5. Eva Theresia chr 18 Mar 1778
  6. Wallburga chr 19 Aug 1779 [maybe d. young?]
  7. Joannes chr 28 Dec 1781
  8. Maria Wallburga chr 25 Mar 1783
I could not find the marriage info for this set of parents; nor could I go back another generation on the Gartners. Perhaps they moved into the area in the mid-1700s from elsewhere.

Known children of Theresa [Gartner] and John Spence , all born Maryland, probably Baltimore:
  1. George William b. 1823/24
  2. Elizabeth Jane b. 1825/26, chr 9 May 1830*, married Wm Anderson
  3. Mary Catherine [same chr date* as Elizabeth - twins?]
  4. Francis b. 1835/36 [daughter]
  5. Thomas B. b. 1837/38
  6. John b. 1842/43
* - Batch #C535621 1768 - 1878 Source Call #0013699 IT 5 - Church Records - First Presbyterian Church (Baltimore Maryland)

The name of their first child was another factor in eliminating the "other" Theresa's parents. It would be very common for the first child to be named after Theresa's father Georgii Gartner. Additionally, daughter Mary could be named for Theresa's mother; dau. Francis for brother Frantz; and son John for either his father John Spence or any of the Joannes Gaertners.

Note: Theresa's family belonged to the Catholic Church in Germany, yet she married [1823] into the Spence family who was [or would be] heavily involved in the 1st Presbyterian Church in Baltimore. Daughter Elizabeth married Wm Anderson, and they also attended the 1st Presbyterian Church. However, their son Wm [Jr.] married the Irish Catholic Mary McKenney in the Basilica of the Assumption cathedral, and it is said religious differences were a source of friction during their marriage.

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